Bumper Boats Rides in Goa


You are already likely well-aware that Goa watersports encompass a wide range of adrenaline-inducing activities. We are proud to offer an attractive collection of favorites, including bumper boats, or tubing.

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You cannot imagine the exhilaration associated with heading out to sea in a doughnut shaped tube, and riding the rolling waves while pulled by a speedboat, until personally living it in real time.

If you are uncertain if this sport is fitting for you, we encourage you to jump on the chance to bring home such a thrilling memory of your time in our amazing area. Over the years, so many visitors have relied on us to provide the best Goa watersports have to offer. You are invited to explore our vast menu of worthwhile excursions.

Best Tubing in Goa’s Seas

When putting your well-being in our hands, we do not steer you wrong. We take safety precautions in every area, including providing you with all necessary safety equipment and relying on professionally trained boat operators. In the area of extreme watersports in Goa, we excel and find our bumper boating to be one of the most popular excursions because not only is it a thrill, it is affordable compared to some other options.

When you settle in on the sizable air-filled tube, your goal is to enjoy the boat’s acceleration while trying to hang on. You may be cast into the sea, but you will be quickly retrieved to get the fun rolling once again. Non-swimmers, do not resign yourselves to sitting on the sidelines! When wearing a life jacket, you will not succumb to the water’s depth. You will happily float until settling back on your tube.

Children ten and over are able to partake but must be accompanied by an adult. Speedboat operators take a rider’s age and physical abilities in mind when determining a rate of speed. While the journey will be more tame for our younger riders, experienced tubers are afforded the ride of their life. There is nothing like the feeling of taking flight while water splashes and wind whips through your hair.

Know Before You Go

Pregnant women and those with restrictive health conditions have to sit this one out, unfortunately. We prompt all guests to be realistic about their ability to experience such a bumpy ride. While bumper boats are a ton of fun, the side effects of certain ailments may be amplified if and when one is tossed off their tube. Nobody under the influence of alcohol or drugs may ride our number boats.

You have decided to pay a visit to our region, and we are happy to play host to your next adventure. Goa is an amazing place, and we love our esteemed tourists. Please allow us to usher you into a carefree state of mind via heart-pumping activities such as bumper boating. Though first-timers may have reservations about these extreme tube rides in Goa, nobody regrets the unadulterated adrenaline rush once they have embraced their sense of adventure!

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