Scuba Diving in Goa


An impressive immense underwater world exists beneath the waves in Goa. Therefore, many travelers seeking premier diversions that encompass majestic water exploration are drawn to our area. Distinctive tours we offer appeal to those seeking to maximize their time here.

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Every year, scores of ardent marine life enthusiasts approach us to participate in our excellent Goa scuba diving excursions.

Too often, visitors fail to take advantage of our offerings because they feel intimidated or think they need previous diving knowledge to partake. This is not the case at all! We provide a well-rounded training course for everyone wishing to discover local waters in a unique way. There is nothing quite like intimately learning about Goa’s wondrous underwater life by immersing yourself into the unknown.

Best Diving Excursions in Goa

From our professionally trained staff, to our comprehensive instructional programs, what we have to offer will outfit you for the quintessential diving experience. Roughly 70 percent of our customers are first-timers. Training is individualized to complement one’s personal skill level. There is no reason not to put worries aside and savor a once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

Many ask us if non-swimmers can scuba dive, and the answer is an emphatic yes! Swimming itself has everything to do with remaining on the water’s surface, while scuba diving takes place underwater with specialized equipment. Do not decide to sit on the sidelines, even if you are a complete novice in the water. We ensure your safety from start to finish.

Know Before You Go

Goa’s diving season is from mid-October and extends until the end of April. Visibility is typically 5-10 m, due to the Zuari and Mandovi Rivers meeting at the sea. Diving sessions are conducted by PADI-approved instructors. They make certain you are afforded ample understanding of all equipment. We provide a pool dive to give you practical knowledge, enabling you to successfully utilize the equipment outside of the pool. Once you are in the water, your dive is closely supervised by your instructor.

Children age ten and above may partake in diving excursions and must be accompanied by a parent. Should someone in your party not wish to dive, they are welcome to tag along on the boat to share in your enjoyment. This can be fun for the whole family, though there are certain exclusions on who we can safely allow to dive with us.

Pregnant women are advised not to scuba dive. Certain health conditions exclude one from diving. These include, but are not limited to, diabetes, epilepsy, history of coronary disease, chronic asthma, vertigo, hemophilia and serious ear problems. Anyone we suspect to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be turned away.

Once you are confident you meet the physical requirements, we invite you to sate your curiosities and explore Goa’s vast underwater region. We appreciate your zest for unforgettable experiences and seek to be your connection to the best scuba diving in Goa.