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Adventure party boat, a marriage between the traditional bicycle and the catamaran, are the ultimate in human-powered watercraft. These are not at all the same as the boxy, low and cumbersome pedal boats that have been around for years.

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Adventure party boat move riders swiftly through the water as they pedal at their desired pace. There is no better way to take in Goa’s coastline from a distinctive point of view.

Those with a heightened sense of environmental concern are avid supporters of this eco-friendly water excursion in Goa. Additionally, those wanting to work off vacation calories appreciate combining the athleticism of biking with the tranquility of boating as they traverse our amazing local waters.

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With safety consistently the top priority, we provide all guests with an introductory lesson on working the equipment and comprehensive safety information. The stable adventure party boat in our fleet do not flip over, even in wavy conditions, thanks to the buoyancy of pontoons attached to the bike. Those lacking standard boating experience will find this a manageable endeavor due to the steadfast stability. Riders are always in control of the speed and how much physical effort is exerted during the voyage.

Compared to a majority of other tours and aquatic entertainment, adventure party boat in Goa is one of the most budget-friendly. Combining this detail with how fun and unforgettable the journey is, anyone looking to maximize their vacation dollars is encouraged to block some time to enjoy Goa in a unique way. You cannot say you have immersed yourself into all Goa has to offer until you have enjoyed an adventure party boat.

Since one is positioned to be seated above the water’s surface, it is possible to look down to see fish flowing alongside the adventure party boat. The relaxation factor is the largest draw, with a close second being what an unmatched water workout this proves to be for those who push their limits with fast peddling. Regardless of your intent, our Goa adventure party boat stand to provide exactly what you are seeking in the area of exceptional affordable adventures.

Know Before You Go

Those aged four and over are invited to enjoy the wonders of adventure party boat. We offer no guarantee that our youngest guests can reach the pedals on one of our adventure party boats. In the instance they cannot ride alone, there is the option of riding in the middle of a tandem adventure party boat. Because adventure party boating can be a very low-impact excursion, nearly anyone can partake. However, we refuse service to those we suspect are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

This is the closest you’re going to get to walking on water, and you are encouraged to outfit yourself with an appointment to pedal your way toward a highly memorable diversion during your epic visit to Goa. Many have described adventure party boating as being a zen experience. We have to agree and hope you do as well.

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