Goa Guided Heritage Walking Tour


Explore the vibrant heart of Goa with Goa Tours on our Heritage Walking Tour through the enchanting Fontainhas district of Panaji. This one-hour guided journey immerses you in the rich cultural tapestry of Goa, revealing the secrets of daily life in this historic neighbourhood.

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Explore the vibrant heart of Panaji with our Guided Walking Heritage Tour of Fontainhas and the Latin Quarter. This immersive experience, led by our knowledgeable and entertaining guides, offers a detailed exploration of Goa’s rich heritage. Starting from the iconic Old Secretariat of Goa, you’ll traverse the charming streets, uncovering stories and secrets of this vibrant region.

Our friendly guides ensure a fun and engaging atmosphere, making history come alive with their animated storytelling. Expect laughter and joy as you learn about the architectural marvels and cultural significance of each site. The tour includes a visit to the majestic Immaculate Conception Church, a symbol of Goa’s colonial past, and a walk through the picturesque Fontainhas, known for its colourful Portuguese-style houses and quaint alleyways.

The journey through Fontainhas’ old quarter reveals the essence of Goa’s Latin heritage, with stops at key landmarks and hidden gems that highlight the area’s unique blend of European and Indian influences. As you wander through these timeless streets, our guides provide insights into the historical context and significance of each site, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the region’s heritage.

This one-hour tour is perfect for groups of five or more, offering a personalised and intimate experience. For your convenience, we offer optional transfer services upon request, making it easy to join us no matter where you’re staying in Goa. Simply let us know your needs, and we’ll arrange comfortable transportation to and from the tour.


Join Goa Tours for an unforgettable Heritage Walking Tour in Fontainhas, and discover the charm and history that make this district a true gem of Panaji. With expert guidance, local delicacies, and an authentic peek into Goan life, this tour is a must for anyone looking to experience the soul of Goa.