Banana Boat Rides in Goa


A banana boat ride is the most fun to be had on the majestic Goa waters. Named for their bright yellow hue and curved, oblong shape, banana boats provide a wild time, treating riders to a wave-splashing adventure as they excitedly hurtle over the waves.

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Slating time for a ride on one of these unique vessels is an ideal way to create a long-lasting memory for the whole family. We invite you to come enjoy the adrenaline rush provided by this exciting excursion. Expect a bit of a lively endurance challenge and a surplus of gleeful laughter!

Best Banana Boat Rides in Goa

We are proud of our roster of expertly trained boat operators who tow the banana boats, also called water sleds, at high speeds. They make sharp turns and test your ability to hang on tightly. Many types of such boats exist, and our favored brand of quality-crafted banana boats is an industry leader, affording you peace of mind that your excursion will be secure from start to finish.

Non-swimmers do not have to sit on the sidelines. Everyone wears a life vest, so even if you are a poor swimmer and are tossed into the sea, you are completely safe and will remain on the water’s surface. Should you fall off, your boat operator will swiftly fetch you and resume the action. Many report that getting tossed off is the most fun!

Our boats have up to ten spots each, making this a must-do if you are vacationing in a large group. Each rider sits astride the large tube and holds on to the belt in front of them. On a warm Goa day, there is nothing else as refreshing as feeling the water splashing and cooling winds from the tow boat’s high speed. Rates of speed are adjusted when younger riders partake.

Know Before You Go

While these action-packed boat rides are for almost everyone, we recommend only ages 5 and above join in. Young children may struggle to hold on. Countless parents are thankful for this Goa water adventure because children who are too young to partake in the challenge of surfing or water-skiing can still enjoy the thrill of zooming across the waves, which is likely to serve as their favorite vacation memory.

Safety is our top priority, so there are some exclusions regarding adults who can participate. Pregnant women are not recommended to ride, nor are those suffering from chronic neck or back issues. Absolutely nobody under the influence of alcohol will be permitted to come aboard.

If you are seeking a unique experience and have a sense of adventure, please schedule a time to take the ride of your life on one of our banana boats. This is one of the most affordable heart-pumping activities available, maximizing your vacation budget. You will be glad to go home with such a unique recollection from your meaningful time spent in lovely Goa.