Among the impressive and varied Goan flora, many species call the region home. This is because varying soil types and altitudes create a unique diversity of forests. The region boasts interesting terrain, from mangrove trees clustering in marshy river banks, to subtropical hilly forests and open-scrub jungles. Despite Goa’s relatively small size, a commendable range of fauna and birdlife is found throughout the state.

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Much to tourists’ delight, mischievous wild monkeys are found throughout the state. Mostly harmless, the bonnet macaques and Hanuman langur species are the most common and are often good for a few good laughs and great photo ops. While there are a small number of wild elephants and leopards in lesser-populated areas, they are incredibly shy and not often spotted by tourists.

Wildlife Tours in Goa

A great means of exploring local species is to reserve time for a tour that will take you to, or near, natural habitats. Our experienced guides create an all-encompassing experience for guests as they present and educate about native wildlife in an engaging way. During your trip planning, consider slating time to spend with us as you discover crocodiles or enjoy birdwatching.
All ages rave about our Crocodile and Birdwatching tours in Goa. What is provided is a 4-5 hour cruise on a large canoe along the backwaters of the Zuari River. Beverages, alcoholic and non, are served on the boat along with snacks and fresh fruits. A knowledgeable guide enhances the trip as the relaxing watercraft ride takes spectators down the breathtaking coastal environment.
During the voyage, participants are able to spy a wide range of native birds. Every year, avid birders flock to Goa to examine some of our 400-plus species of birds. Even those without a wealth of avian prowess will appreciate the beauty of majestic exotic species in their natural habitat.
Croc-spotting in Goa is another excellent diversion. During the tour, passengers wait with bated breath to see a mugger crocodile nestled in the dense mangrove. This species is also referred to as a marsh crocodile or broad-snouted crocodile and is always exciting to see in person.
In addition to the interactive nature of the expedition, participants are able to have lunch at a quintessential Goan farmhouse. After the meal, the journey back to the Old Goa departure point passes resident fishermen who are busy prepping for the evening catch. A definite highpoint of the tour is viewing the scenic backwaters, abounding with flora and fauna.
A second option for catching these dynamic water-dwellers is through our Crocodile Sightseeing Trip, during which the captain ensures at least one spotting. While this tour
does not include a lunch option, light snacks and beverages are served on the boat. The tour also includes a stop at a historic place of worship in Old Goa.

Wildlife Trips in Goa

Overnight tours we facilitate are a fantastic additive to any itinerary. Those with a greater interest in wildlife pack their camera and sense of adventure and embark on our Tiger and Tuskers tour. This is a three-day tour but can be designed as a two-day, one- night trip. Pick-ups are available from both North and South Goa and include a jaunt from the Margao railway station to the station in Udupi.
In addition to comfortable hotel accommodations with a swimming pool, packages include meals and transportation. Highlights include a trip to an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna on day one. Day two is the a full day of adventure and is when animal lovers and thrill-seekers are in awe.
After traversing to the topmost point of the famous Agumbe Ghat via coach or car, explorers are able to spend roughly an hour taking in the amazing vista of the entire valley below. The thrilling drive is enhanced with 14 hairpin bends, so it is a riveting way to start the day!
The remainder of the day includes a visit to the Gajanur’s Wild and Rogue Elephant Training and Rehabilitation Center. Seeing these beautiful, yet enormous, creatures is a humbling experience, perhaps only second to the stop at the Thavarekhoppa Wild Tiger & Lion Reserve. Here, you will see lions, tigers and other animals in their natural habitat.
While it is our hope you arrange a time to take advantage of one of our top-rated tours, we are confident you will be impressed with the native wildlife all around you during your Goa vacation. Please reach out with any special requests, as we are always at the ready to assist in making your sojourn epic in every way.