Taxi Service in Goa


It is our mission to provide the best deals on taxi services in Goa. We have a passion for assisting tourists because you allow us to stay in business, and we want all visitors to our esteemed state to stay safe.

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You are free to contact us about any transportation needs you have. We will ensure you are taken care of and not having to play a guessing game with lesser-known cab companies who may not have your best interests at heart.

To understand the importance of relying on a trusted source for Goa taxi rentals, you must understand that public transportation here may differ greatly from where you live. One notable detail regarding transportation in Goa is that the government has not allowed Uber to settle in the area. In 2014, Ola Cabs, India’s popular ride-sharing company, was allowed to launch operations, but their existence was quickly put to a halt. The reason for this is taxi drivers striking when Ola threatened their bottom line.

A business initiative of Goa Tourism is the development of GoaMiles, an app-based service with a unique business model that does not take away from drivers’ earnings. Given this is a relatively new development in the already controversial Goa rideshare situation, we find it most prudent to offer an unbiased review once it has had more time to establish itself in the state.

Unique Goa Transportation

To be safest, taxis booked through services such as ours are the ideal mode of transportation in Goa. However, we would be remiss by not mentioning some alternatives that are unique to the area and rather popular with tourists, if for no other reason than the novelty.

Auto-rickshaws are motorized versions of traditional pulled or cycle-type rickshaws. Most have three wheels and look less safe than they actually are. Though you can trust most drivers to deliver you safely during short jaunts, the downside is that there is no meter system, so you are at the mercy of the cost your driver touts. Be sure prices are clearly defined before finding yourself in a lurch.

Another well-used mode of transportation are motorcycle taxis, operated by drivers who are referred to as pilots. These are not large motorbikes, and the journey is hardly a fancy one, but they do get the job done for quick trips if you feel comfortable understanding pricing and are seeking a ride that is at best, a little rough around the edges.

Goa Taxi Travel Tips

If you decide to utilize a Goa Taxi company on your own, you are not exactly destined for peril. There are plenty of above-board drivers out there who operate honestly and professionally. However, many take into account that Goa’s intercity connectivity via public transportation is not all that great and use this fact to swindle customers.

If you have traveled even a modest amount, you are likely familiar with many common taxicab driver hustles. Although taxi scams in Goa do not run rampant, there are enough that we must touch on the topic while also highlighting other possible transportation scams.

Imagine your first hours in the area. New sights, sounds and smells encompass you. You are excited to immerse yourself into the culture, understandably. Here is where taxi drivers might take advantage of your excitement. They may ask if you wish to make a stop for the best Goan food in the area or to purchase the finest authentic merchandise. If you take the bait, chances are, they are simply going to usher you to a business paying them a kickback.

If you are in a taxi and it is stopped by police who insist on collecting a road fee, they are lying about the actual existence of such a fee. You can attempt to argue, which will work in your favor a fair amount of the time. Granted, if you leave Goa, you may encounter toll roads in other states, but these will be clearly marked and not enforced by a random stop by law enforcement.

You might encounter friendly locals in bus or train stations who eagerly offer unsolicited help, but then lead you to a travel agent paying them a commission. The best way to avoid this is to maintain a confident air about you and refuse advice from seemingly well-meaning individuals.

Is Goa safe? Generally, yes. However, educating yourself on all possibilities is key to a streamlined trip that results in stress-free recreation, sans drama. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for help with organizing your transportation requirements, from taxis and private drivers, to car and bike rentals.