Flying Fish Boat Ride

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Watersports in Goa range a great deal. One of the most popular is the infamous Flying Fish. This is basically a rubber boat, much like three banana boats merged together. Wings on both sides of the rubber watercraft lend to its fish-like appearance.

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Flying Fish are propelled into the air when pulled at a high rate of speed by a boat equipped with a powerful engine and an expert captain.

Take a moment to imagine the excitement of gliding meters above the water’s surface as waves swash and ripple down below. Upon descent, the Flying Fish is a welcome cushion as you hit the water once again. Given the newness of this particular type of experience, delighting in the opportunity is a must if you seek something original to enhance your trip. We are proud to offer a trustworthy service as we provide amazing Flying Fish fun for the whole family.

Best Water Adventure in Goa

Vacations are made volumes more memorable by sampling thrilling local offerings, and our Flying Fish fit the bill. This sort of fun is suggested for those seeking an adrenaline rush but are not quite ready for more extreme individual sports. This stands to be one of the most exhilarating outings you enjoy in Goa.

It is impossible to fail during the Flying Fish ride because all the work is done by the boat operator and what naturally occurs when your Flying Fish takes to the air. Non-swimmers are able to enjoy the fun, the same as those with vast aquatic know-how, because there is no immersion in the water, and life vests must be worn at all times.

Though up to six people can ride at once, in order for the best time, and to achieve the most flying height, only two people per trip are recommended. All safety equipment is provided. Those with a fear of the water need not worry about being thrown from the Flying Fish. The only requirement is to hang on and enjoy the feeling of taking flight above the water, with the wind in your face and a tickle in your stomach.

Know Before You Go

For safety reasons, we insist that nobody be under the influence of alcohol upon arrival. Children ages five and above must be accompanied by a parent in order to ride. Pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions are not permitted to take the journey. All others are taken care of by our professionally trained speedboat captain who orchestrates the perfect outing.

Compared to some other aquatic adventures, a trip on the Flying Fish is highly affordable and produces an unforgettable time out on the water. Do not leave Goa without having some unique stories to tell those back home! You will treasure embracing your sense of adventure by embarking on a Flying Fish ride with a company boasting a trusted reputation for putting forward the best Goa has to offer.