Expanded Goa Dolphin Trip


Countless visitors harbor an interest in taking a dolphin spotting excursion in Goa. Of course, our inviting waters lure you in, and deciding which outings to spend your time and money on can be a daunting task.

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For this reason, we have created something that incorporates multiple diversions in one budget-friendly package.

Best Dolphin Sighting in Goa

Our dolphin journey combines majestic views of the Arabian Sea and makes travelers privy to the vibrant world hidden in the depths of the massive body of water. During the trip, you are afforded time to swim in the open sea, feeling safe due to our stringent protocols and professional crew. We provide snorkel masks to let you spy the exquisiteness of the underwater world. The sea’s whole cities of colorful corals will wow you in full.

We then visit a quiet, quaint beach for a dose of rest and relaxation after you have enjoyed exhilarating sea swimming. Keep an eye out on the water as you unwind. Humpback dolphins can often be seen from the shore. Throughout the day’s activities, you will see dolphins making appearances.

Once back on-board the boat after the beach visit, you are invited to try your hand at fishing. Even novices will quickly warm up to our batch of lightweight fishing rods and the use of simple shrimp bait. Should you wish to just enjoy the soothing ride, there is no requirement to cast a line.

All ages are welcome aboard, though snorkeling and fishing are intended for older children. If you are traveling with youngsters, imagine what impression this epic trip will have on them! Seeing the playful nature of dolphins firsthand is something one never forgets, no matter their age.

Dolphin Spotting

To enhance what has already been an amazing time, you are going to be able to say you have seen dolphins in the wild. This is such an outstanding occurrence. Obviously, these entertaining, intelligent dolphins in their natural habitat are not trained, but they appear to be natural-born entertainers as they frolic in the water for your viewing pleasure. Expect to amass a wonderful collection of photographs to treasure forever.

Coastal waters of Goa are home to the long-beaked common dolphin and the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, which are considered an endangered species and protected by law. We are proud to boast the distinction of being one of the top marine tourism outlets in Goa. Our procedures are designed to remain respectful of the sea’s most esteemed residents while we are also committed to our guests’ safety.

Once the tour comes to a close, you will enjoy lunch at a charming restaurant and reflect on the wonder you were able to see with your own eyes. Our aim is to get you in touch with aquatic nature in a way other tour companies do not. We encourage you to appoint a time during your Goa stay to meet our friendly dolphins in their natural habitat.