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Renting a bike in Goa is popular among tourists, albeit not for everyone. There is a finesse to operating a motorbike, and those who are not confident riders must take this into consideration before renting. Many roadways are rustic and difficult to navigate, even for the best riders.

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However, if you are assured you can manage the rules of the road, which include driving on the left side, speed measured by KM/H, and unique signage, we would be honored to be your connection to affordable Goa bike rentals. There are a few things to know before your adventure begins.

Tips for Streamlined Bike Rentals in Goa

Goa motorbike rentals are hardly elusive. That said, not all are created equal. There are a few companies that neglect to follow all regulations, therefore putting you at risk.

We’ve assembled a basic tip list to spotlight some particulars that do not always come to mind when someone is about to sign on the dotted line to secure a rental.

Submitting Identification

Most dealers will expect you to submit a driver’s license or other valid photo ID, such as a passport or PAN card. They will keep this, essentially as collateral, until the rental is returned. It is highly unlikely that you will unearth a company who is willing to rent to you without holding on to some form of identification. If you do find such an entity, consider the fact that they may be forsaking other rules.

Obtaining Bike Documents

Before leaving the premises, be certain to have all prudent documents pertaining to the two-wheeler. Should you run into any sort of problem with law enforcement, you will need to produce documentation. Do not expect police to make exceptions simply because you are a visitor.

Make sure you have the dealer’s contact information should you need to reach out with any questions or issues. Though this is a somewhat obvious suggestion, neglecting to do this happens more often than you’d think.

Test Driving

When we put you in touch with Goa bike rentals, rest assured they are in top shape and just as ready for the journey as you are. However, if you make your own rental arrangements, do your best to find a dealer who will let you take the bike for a test run.

Many motorbikes are older models and in subpar condition.

Do a mirror and headlight check, as night riding is precarious in several areas. Many roadways lack streetlights, so finding dysfunctional headlights at an inopportune time should be avoided at all costs if your trek lasts until after the sun has set.

Proper Plating and Helmets

Do not hire a bike with a white number plate. These plates indicate that the vehicle is for private use, not for rentals. It is foolish to take a risk when plenty of above-board dealers exist. Yellow number plates indicate a commercial license, which falls under a different tax structure.

Always wear a helmet, but do not pay extra for the use of one. They are to be included in the rate and will be if you are working with an upstanding company.

Performing a Fuel Check

When you take your bike off the lot, expect the fuel tank to be very close to empty. This is almost always the case. It is best to hit the nearest fuel station to prepare for your outing right away to steer clear of an unplanned stop and the cost and inconvenience of getting back in motion.

Documenting Bike Damages

Should your rental have any dings, scratches or other cosmetic damage, be sure to document this prior to leaving. Failing to do so can lead to a conflict upon return that is easily avoided with proper photographic evidence of the bike’s condition when you departed.

When you take off, you will have slated a specific amount of time for your rental. Do your best to return within your allotted window to avoid extra expense. Some charge outlandish late fees which can transform your affordable travel into a costly investment.

There is something to be said about feeling the coastal breeze in your face as you whizz through our region’s breathtaking terrain. It is our hope that your trip is a positive experience from start to finish, so please contact us with any questions or to have us assist you in your Goa bike rental needs.

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